Admit it. At one point in your young life, you wanted to be a fairy or a princess (I still kind of do). You wanted your own doll house, your own doll, and your own 18 inch doll furniture. You’ve wanted to play mom to your dolls, dress them up, fix their hair, and play with them. We had those moments and now that we’ve grown up, somehow, someway, we still want to do those things. Or, we’d want our kids or our friends’ kids, or maybe our little sisters to be able to get their hands on those dolls and furniture, too. Well, guess what? There are so many online shops and websites right now where you could order those things! It’s shopping made easy. Read on and find out.


Etsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Well, not so teeny-weeny. We are talking about dolls that are 18 inches in height, anyway, but I found one of the perfect sites where you can buy those and that’s on Etsy is known as every handicraft and art lover’s haven. There, you can buy and sell stuff that are hand-made, and personalized, thus, making sure that you’re getting your money’s worth and that everything is polished well. I’m telling you, they have some of the best dolls and doll furniture in there. They’re so good you’d want to order right away. Listed below are some of my favorites.


Beds, Bunk Beds, And More

18 inch doll furnitureOne of the cutest things I found on Etsy is the bunk with Pink Minky Chenille. It’s a cute Pink bunk bed with fluffy Pink pillows, an embroidered bedsheet, a bean bag and a really adorable white stuffed rabbit. And that’s all for $159.00! It’s just so cute! If you have other dolls, or you know people who have dolls, as well, you could let the dolls play together and sleep in the bunk beds. It’s like, memories of middle school are coming back! Another cute one is the hand-painted oak bed. It’s A pink bed decorated with flowers and really colorful pillows. It’s simple, but very much eye-catching and perfect for your little princess—and guess what? You could have that for only $99.00!


A Princess’ Bed In Every Right

By far, though, the best thing I’ve seen so far in Etsy is the Vogue 9352 by Designer Linda Carr Bedroom Furniture Sewing Pattern. For only $18.00, you’d be able to get a pattern that you can sew for your doll. Trust me, it’s worth the time and effort for the results are just splendid. It’s a fluffy comforter with plaid designs that’s just so princessy. I’d get my hands on this right away, if I were you. It’s so cute I actually want to order again.

Only The Best

18 inch doll furnitureIf you have a fondness for 18 inch doll furniture, then you should seriously log on to Etsy now. They have some of the best products that I’m sure you’ll love and adore. Your doll deserves the best—just like you do.