Being a doll owner, you must know that your doll definitely needs a place to rest—the question is, where do you find the perfect 18 inch doll bed? Well, fear not, my friends for there are so many online sites that offer doll beds that are just so cute you’d really want to buy them right away. Read on and find out 

Classic And Classy

I was on once and I saw this really cool doll bed—the Journey girls classic 18 inch bedroom set. It is a White doll bed which boasts of hand-painted flowers and a Blue guitar, fluffy pillows, and a bean bag. It’s minimalistic, but definitely beautiful and perfect for your lovely doll. You can get that for only $54.00! I bought one and it really looks good in my room—plus, you can also use it as a house decor—maybe, make it into a makeshift bookshelf, or a CD rack. It’s just perfect. 

Doll Bed Haven

One of the best places to look for doll furniture is Trust me, their collection is just to-die-for. And they have some of the nicest, biggest collection of doll beds anywhere on the planet. If you only want the beds without the pillows and the blankets, they have those. A personal favorite of mine is the doll canopy bed—a four-poster White bed that you can accessorize with the softest frocks, and the fluffiest pillows—very much for the princess at heart. That could be yours for only $54.95. There’s also a Windor style doll bed, which in my opinion is very regal, very royal, and perfect for the girl who loves Buckingham, and all things grand and beautiful—that’s only for $39.95! Meanwhile, if you have lots of dolls, then you could check out the triple detachable bunk bed. The name says it all—it’s three beds stacked on top of each other, and what’s good is that you can disintegrate them, or you could have them as is—all for $99.95! 

Fully Furnished

Now, if you’re searching for fully furnished doll beds, laurentdoll also has those. Some of my favorites are: The doll bed with Pink linen—a bunk bed with soft Pink blankets and pillows that are just so pristine—for only $70.00, the doll daybed with trundle and Lavender linens—sort of a sofa bed, but classier, and very beautiful—plus the linens are just so soft, I want it for myself—that’s for only $70.00, and the doll bed with trundle and Pink and green linens, which comes with fluffy Polka-dotted pillows. I love this for being stylish and classy, all the same, and you could have it for only $70.00! There are so many other beds to choose from, and trust me, you’d have fun going through them and choosing the best one for your doll. 

The Final Say

18 Inch Doll FurnitureIn the end, choosing the perfect 18 inch doll bed is up to you—just remember to know who you are, know your doll, and choose what you think best matches you too. Best of luck and have fun!