If you’re a doll collector, or know how to make dolls and doll furniture/clothes yourself, then you probably take time to check popular 18 inch doll patterns. There are things that work for us humans that don’t quite work well for dolls, and vice versa. So, with things like this, sometimes it’s good to stick to the status quo—but other times, it’s also good to check out what’s new, and what could be reconstructed. Doll owners should know about fashion, too. After all, you wouldn’t want your doll looking like it hasn’t showered or it hasn’t gotten a new piece of clothing in while, right? And you also wouldn’t want your doll thriving on old stuff.


Flower Power

The most common clothing and furniture pattern is the floral print. And why not? It’s easy on the eyes, and definitely shows a princess at heart. Dainty, and very much lady-like, it’s so good to see clothes, toys, beds, and other doll furniture with floral prints in them—it’s just so relaxing, and light. I like furniture with hand-painted Daisies—they’re so pure, and I also like those with Roses because they look intricate and classy—they remind me of English royals and fairies alike.


Small Circle, Small Circle, Big Circle

Another trend right now is Polka dots. I’ve seen dolls and doll beds with different sizes and colors of Polka dots on them. A personal favorite is the classic black and white. It reminds me of old Hollywood, and it’s just plain beautiful. Add a ribbon to that and it makes it all the more sweeter and lovelier. There are also colorful polka dot patterns—Pink and White and Orange and Yellow—very childlike, but still cute! Some couches have ladybug dots on them—it’s so adorable, I got one for my doll. Polka-dot patterns are also used on headbands, and even pillows. I guess we all can’t get over Minnie Mouse at some point…


Furs, And Feathers

I also came to notice that many doll furniture and pieces of clothing are designed with furs and feathers. Not to worry for most of them are synthetic—of course, I do not advocate animal cruelty so I’d only want products that certainly did not involve harassing animals as they were made. I saw this really cute pink-furred bed once and I instantly fell in love. I have always wanted a furred bed but I couldn’t because I have allergies—so it was finally good to be able to buy one—for my doll, that is. It’s just so priceless seeing my doll at her best.


Oh Precious Patterns

18 inch doll furnitureYou should take time to pick the best 18 inch doll furniture patterns. After all, it’s your doll, and the furniture is going to be inside your house, maybe even your room, so might as well choose the best. Those patterns are mirrors of who you are and what your doll is like—so choose well.