One of the best things about owning an 18 inch doll is buying it 18 inch doll clothes. I love shopping for clothes so it’s definitely not a problem if I shop for my doll. I like dressing it up—it reminds me of childhood days spent with Barbie dolls, with designing clothes, and the like. I love getting my hands on all these clothes—I guess I’m a fashionista, after all. I found some of the best doll clothes in—the name says it all: It’s every girly girl’s haven! Read on and find out.


It All Starts From The Inside

Of course, clothing would not be complete without underwear—and even dolls deserve the best. After all, you wouldn’t want people laughing at your doll and saying that it doesn’t have any underwear! That’s just so not cool. Anyway, I’ve found some of the niftiest pieces of undies and robes on mypinkplanet. One of those is the Cherry Cami set which only costs $9.99. Nothing’s sexier than cherries—even on dolls, pair that with the Wild Side Robe and your doll’s totally sexy and sassy. The Wild Side robe is a robe with zebra prints and costs only $15.00! You know, if they had life-size versions of those I’d totally buy them.


Doll Dresses

A doll’s life wouldn’t be perfect without the nicest, most princessy dresses that I for one have loads of. One of my personal favorites is the Plaid jumper set—nothing screams Jackie O more than this. It’s classic and classy, and that’s only for $16.99! It’s so cute seeing my doll all dresses up and looking like a good girl with her plaid skirt and her Mary Janes. There’s also the Rosebud and eyelet dress—a beautiful, White lace dress that’s so ladylike, I love it. You can get that one for just $14.99! A doll needs her basic little dresses so make sure to buy one.


Oh Fantasy

Another section in mypinkplanet is dedicated to the fantasy outfits. And since so many holidays are coming up, it would be great to allow your doll to dress up for the occasion. I like the Tan Cowgirl Outfit—complete with the rodeo hat, fringed vest, short skirt and boots for only $18.99, the Wizard/Witch costume (perfect for anyone who ever dreamed of becoming a witch themselves), for just $17.99, and the Mary Poppins costume which is totally pretty—for just $38.00! You’d be surprised at how much fun dressing up your doll is.


Fashion Is Fun

18 Inch Doll FurnitureChoosing 18 inch doll clothes is so much fun. I shopped with some friends and it was just so much fun picking up clothes for my lovely doll. Plus, it makes my heart melt when people admire my doll and her clothes. It’s just priceless. I love dressing up, thus it’s no surprise that dressing my doll up comes naturally. So, if you have a doll, then take some time to buy her clothes and make her more beautiful. Trust me, it’s worth it.