If you’re a doll collector like I am, then it won’t be surprising to know that it also doesn’t matter if you spend a lot for the doll by buying it some accessories and furniture. And why not? Seeing that doll have its own things, seeing a miniature version of the house or the things you want for yourself is always fun and inspiring. As they say, visualize what you want and it might just happen. So, instead of just pinning some pieces of paper or words on a board, why not visualize your life through the use of doll furniture? It’s a different way to get those ideas to life. If you want to check out some of the best doll furniture around you can visit www.epinions.com. Here are some of the best things I’ve found there:


Dollhouse, Dollhouse

Of course, you can’t have every other furniture without something to put it in—that’s where dollhouses come in. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to live in a dollhouse when I grow up—and I still dream of that. One of the best dollhouses I saw is the Melissa and Doug Victorian dollhouse. For only $99.99, you’d get a place where your doll and her things can stay. It’s a beautiful, Victorian inspired abode. Perfect for visualizing your future.


The Princess And Her Bed

One of the nicest doll beds I’ve found is the 18 inch doll wish bunk bed furniture—a bunk bed with Pink stairs and Pink railings, soft cotton mattress and lovely Pink pillows. It’s so cute I literally ordered right after I saw it—and I got it for only $69.00! There’s also the 18 inch doll floral bunk bed—a Pale Pink bed with soft, floral prints, and white rails, hand-painted with flowers. It’s definitely perfect for the dainty doll, and the dainty owner. Soft frocks are just always to-die-for. All that for only $69.99! It’s definitely a cheap thrill! However, if you’re willing to spend for your little princess, then why not check out the Doll house cream finish bunk bed by Acme? It’s a very, very beautiful bunk bed, with a heart on its headboard, and is hand-painted with intricate details. You know, it’s the kind of bed I’d want for myself or for my future kids. It’s stylish, classy, and classic. There are also some pillows and stuffed toys included—it’s so cute you’d really want to get your hands on it. It’s worth $749.00, but trust me, it’s so worth it. Sometimes, some splurges are just worth it, and this is one of those.


Filling Up Your Closet

Of course, a doll’s life would not be complete without clothes and shoes. Just like the human fashionista, a doll needs her closet, as well. And nothing’s more perfect than the Doll Wardrobe Armoire—it fits clothes/accessories for 18 inch dolls. It’s classy and truly beautiful—and that’s only for $139.00! I got it for my doll and just can’t stop filling it up with clothes of different sizes and colors.


The Final Say

18 Inch Doll FurnitureWhile some people might consider it crazy to give your doll clothes and furniture, I’d say otherwise—18 inch doll furniture kits are for people who know how to take care of their dolls and know how to give them the best they deserve.